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  • PredictWind’s goal is to deliver the most accurate forecast data available.
  • Having access to the world’s top forecast models enables users to be assured of the best possible forecast. With the top-ranked global models, along with the high-resolution PredictWind modeling and the best regional models, PredictWind offers unparalleled forecast accuracy.All PredictWind world leading forecasts and tools are available on mobile apps in addition to the forecast website.
  • The PredictWind App is for inshore and coastal sailors and the Offshore App is for offshore sailors.
  • Great experience of high level sailing and kitesurfing.Amazing bay, navigable 365 days/year. 
  • Optimal weather and wind conditions All in one = facilities for storage, accomodation at the same placeMany nautical professionalsDiversified and qualitative accomodationEasy access : Montpellier/ Marseille airports- Highways and railways stations within 15 minutesShipping and deliveries of containers through the port of Sete (50km)Close to the Camargue, the largest protected area in Europe

“Tribu de Paris is an eco-friendly & sustainable clothing brand that manufactures from organic and upcycled materials”

Tactical foodpack have created a product line that offers a long shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives – it’s all natural, honest, and has a home-made feel to it.  Just pour hot water on the food, wait a beat, and enjoy delicious flavors straight from the pouch.